2016 Breeding Season Ahead

May 30, 2016

We are only 10 weeks away from the start of the 2016 breeding season with the first foals due in early August. Our thoughts need to look towards the 2016 season ahead and what plans are in place for your mares to optimize their breeding potential.

Owners with dry mares need to consider if they are going to breed this season and as to whether they want their mare to start light therapy to help encourage the mares cycling pattern to enable for an early service and early pregnancy.

For Light therapy to maximize its potential dry mares need to start under lights around the start of June. We offer this service using the Equilume masks which we have used for the last three years. We have achieved around a 95% success rate of mares being served on a September cover when the masks are used.

Owners of mares that are in foal will also be anxiously waiting until the mares get closer to their due date as parents of any new arrival does.

We are Lauriston Park understand that not all mares will be bred this season or will want to go to either of our resident stallions in Rock Hero and Desert King. With Lauriston Park being a small boutique farm we have the flexibility to offer a walk out service to other stallions. We can foal down and manage the mares here and then when they are due for service to their required stallion we organize it with the stallion farm and float the mare over ourselves and see the mare get covered and then return her back to her paddock with her friends which optimizes the chances of her going in foal.

Our Veterinary work will continue to be done by veterinarian Caroline Duddy who has extensive reproductive and medicine veterinary experience. Caroline has been attending our farm for the last five years and is always available to discuss options directly with clients if required.

Throughout the autumn we have continued with pasture improvements for the farm with over 80% of the farm being sown down to ryegrass and permanent pasture. We are also re fencing some areas of the farm and continue with ongoing improvements.

Our communications will be further enhanced with regular video footage to owners of their horses through the mistable program. We are also hoping to update our website with photos of all foals during the season.

If you require any additional information or want to discuss your options for your mares Chris is always available for a chat.

Thank you for supporting our farm in the 2015 season and we look forward to the season ahead and seeing the first of the Rock Hero foals being born.

Kind Regards

Chris and Kathie